my first impression

When I read the first pages of the book I was very excited about what it would be. The story is really strange at first because the leading character founds a murdered dog, sticking a garden fork in it. Christopher, the leading character seems to be shy and smart. I think he isn´t a normal kid because he knows all prime numbers up to 7,507. There are also strange names in it, like Siobhan. I also had a look on a few other pages and tought that there is really crazy stuff in it like emoticons, diagrams, and so on. I like the cover of the book too because it looks misterious.

The story is written in a childish and colloquial language and it´s written in the first person. I think because of this the story is easy to understand.

I´m very curious, how the story goes on because it seems to be interesting.

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