Our first impressions

Hey guys!

Today we read the first four chapters from the book (2,3,5,7). We were happy, because the language isn’t difficult to understand. The protagonist is a boy called Christopher John Francis Boone, so the language is very childish. He’s a genius, because he knows all the capitals from the countries and the prime numbers up to 7507. You can see in the first chapter, that he’s really tough, because there happens something really sadly, but he doesn’t cry. He’s also very shy and doesn’t like people very much, because he can’t understand their facial expressions. It’s also important to know, that something  is wrong with him.

In the book there are strange names like Siobhan, which we don’t know how to say. This makes it funny. Another interesting thing is, that the chapters don’t have normal numbers like 1,2,3,… but they have only prime numbers.

Generally this book has the effect, that it’s interesting and good to read and that you can also learn something from it.

By rennstudent11 and rennstudent20 🙂

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