Summary Chapter 67

In chapter 67 it´s Saturday and Christopher´s father doesn´t have time for his son, so he can do more detective work. He wants to talk to their neighbours, maybe they know something about Wellington´s death, but it´s hard for him to talk to strangers.
He knocks on five doors, but most neighbours didn´t see anything special, don´t know Wellington or don´t open the door. Finally he talks to an old woman in the garden. Although she can´t help him, they start to chat. She also wants to bring him something to eat and drink, but he runs away, because she is more than six minutes in the house and he thinks she calls the police. During him crossing the street, he has an inspiration for a prime subject. He doesn´t know anyone, who hates Wellington and also doesn´t know any mad people, so it must be a stranger, who killed Wellington. But he knows that most murders are committed by someone, who knows the victim. And the only person, who knows Wellington and maybe wants to make Mrs Shears upset is Mr Shears. They were married, but he left her a while ago. Now Christopher wants to find out more about him.

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