Why people believe in God

Malmsheim, October 11, 1998
Dear Christopher!
You have asked me, why people believe in God and now I try to explain this to you.
I know that’s very difficult for you to understand, because believing in God isn’t logical. You can´t see or touch him. He´s an idea and a feeling in somebody´s mind.
For many people God is the perfect friend, because he doesn´t rate, so he loves you no matter who you are. You can be tall, little, big, small, pretty, ugly, rich, poor – he isn´t interested in these things, he only looks into your heart.
Another positive thing is that he always listens carefully to you and you can tell him everything. He doesn´t tell on you, so you can really trust in him. That’s something that is really difficult to find in real life, so people talk to God. Therefore God makes our life easier.
If you trust in somebody else, you learn not to control everything and to give up some secrets or information. That´s important for life, otherwise you won’t have friends. You can practice it with God, because he is always there for you and you can make friends in your parish. Then you´re never alone.
God is omnipotent for us and this gives us a lot of strength, because we know that there is someone, who is more powerful than we are and if we fail to do something, he can help us.
Maybe you know that a lot of people are afraid of dying, because there is an end in our life and everything we have done so far, ceases to make any sense. But people, who believe in God, aren´t afraid. They know that they´ll live with God in heaven, after they have died. To know that there isn´t an end makes people calm.
Some people don´t believe in God, because they don´t understand why there are conflicts in the world despite God. But it´s easy to explain: God wants that we increase our horizon and he allows conflicts, because he knows that we can solve these problems. He believes in us!
The faith also fills the emptiness between our knowledge and the ignorance, because we don´t like it, when there are gaps in our knowledge or something isn´t clear.
Maybe the last two reasons are easier to understand for you, because they are more logical. We think that our universe began by a big bang. That´s a good idea, but someone has to set off the big bang and this was God. He also has programmed our life so that there are animals, humans and plants on our earth and that there are laws of nature. I think that is comprehensible. There is also an US – study, which says that people, who believe in God are more satisfied and less depressive.
I hope that you now understand, why people believe in God and what is good at believing.
Rennstudent 11

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