Summary of Chapter 157

In this chapter, Christopher starts telling what happened six days before he can go back into his father’s room. At the sixth day his father has to go out because of a flooded cellar at a lady’s house which he has to fix in an emergency. So Christopher enters Ed’s room and finds 43 letters in the shirt box which are all addressed to him. He takes one out and reads it.

His mother wrote the letter because she wanted to tell him what she did with her old and new cooker and fridge.

Then he takes a letter from inside. In it, Judy tries to explain her son why she left him and his dad. She writes that she was overwhelmed in many situations because of Christopher’s illness so she got cross about him very fast. And she was arguing a lot with Ed because of that. At the same time the only person she could talk to was Mr Shears and they talked about their problems and fell in love with each other. She also explains in her letter that one day when Ed and Judy had a big argument she realized that it might be better for Christopher if he only had one person looking after him. That was the point why she left his husband and son to life with Roger in London.

In the third envelope is a letter which is about his mother’s job. The fourth letter is about her visit at the dentist.

But he doesn’t finish reading it because he feels sick and realizes that his mother isn’t dead. He feels giddy and rolls onto his bed and curls up in a ball. Then he has a gap in his memory and the next thing he can remember is that there is vomit all over him and his dad comes home. Ed goes into to his son’s room and sees the mess and the letters. He feels sorry and starts crying and tries to explain why he kept the letters as a secret. Then Chris’ father runs a hot bath for him and cleans everything.

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