Summary of Chapter 97

Chapter 97:

This chapter starts with a “Super Good Day”, because he had sees five red cars in a row. At school there isn´t anything special so he thinks there might be something special after school. In the afternoon he buys some sweets in the shop at the end of the road. There he meets Mrs. Alexander with her dog Ivor. They talk a little about the day before, when Christopher walks away, while she made biscuits for him. But he just replies that he isn´t allowed to talk to her.

Suddenly he rememberes that his father only make him do a promise about five things. And asking about Mr. Shears isn`t one of them. So goes on chatting with her. During their conversation Mrs. Alexander tells him, that his mother and Mr. Shears are very good friends. Now he knows, why his father said, that Mr. Shears was an evil man.

After this conversation Christopher is very confused and he goes home with the promise, that he wouldn´t  tell anybody about their little talk.

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