Cartoon: The Cognitive Overload of an Asperger Kid

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This cartoon shows the protagonist of our novel “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” by Mark Haddon. Suffering from the Asperger Syndrome, he is unable to filter the neural stimuli of the outside world around him. Especially contact with other human beings is difficult for him, because he can’t interpret their facial expressions, doesn’t understand the meaning of jokes or metaphors and is unable to engage in society activities. In unfamiliar people’s company and in stressful situations Christopher cannot focus on specific aspects or stimuli and therefore sometimes has to curl up like a ball and to cover his ears with his hands. All this leaves him being an outsider, trying to bring order to his life with the help of mathematics and logic. The marital problems of his parents destroy the order of his private life and the security that his home once provided, producing a problem that occurs to be unsolveable by pure logic and reason alone.

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