Summary of chapter 43

This chapter is a review of the day when his mother dies. On this day Chris comes home but nobody opens the door. He searchs and founds the secret key under a flowerpot. Till his dad comes home he carries on making the Airfix Sherman Tank model. When he came he asked him where his mum is, but he can´t answer it. He said to him that he don´t see her today. His dad went out of the house and came back two and a half hour later. His father looked really sad and he don´t know why. His dad said that he can´t see his mother for a while. Chris thought that it´s couse she is in hospital (his dad told him so), so he can´t understand why his dad meant he can´t see her. But it was late and so Chris is going to bed.

The story of the dead from his mom goes on in chapter 47.

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