Summary Chapter 211

At the beginning of this chapter Christopher is on the train to London and he`s hiding on the shelf. He does some maths puzzles to clear up his mind and then he asks himself if he`s already in London. While he hides on the shelf two people find him but they just think he`s weird. When the train`s quiet Christopher gets off the train at London and then he`s overwhelmed and so he kneels down. He works out which way to walk and then a man tells him that the police is searching for him but Chris carries on walking to the information point. There`s a lady that he asks for the right way to get to his mother and she says that he has to take the tube to Willesden Junction. So he walks downstairs to the underground station and he has always his Swiss Army Knife in his pocket to protect himself. The underground station is very crowded and so he goes into a photobooth because it`s like the cupboard at home and he feels a little bit safer. He watches the people at the grey gates to know how it works and then he follows a few signs and he takes the Bakerloo Line.

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