Summary of Chapter 137

In this chapter Christopher’s father Ed decides to go to the Twycross Zoo with Christopher. Ed wants to say ‘sorry’ to Christopher, because he has hit him. Christopher is glad that it is forcast to rain, so there wouldn’t be too many people at the zoo, because he dosen’t like crowds of people.

Finally they are at the zoo and Christopher decides which are his favourite animals:

1. Randyman (oldest Red-Faced Black Spider Monkey)

2. Patagonian sealions

3. Maliku, which is an Orang-Utan

After they have walked around the whole zoo they have a break at a café and Christopher eats his sandwiches, which his father made him, because Christopher doesn’t like eating food from places he doesn’t know. Ed explaines Christopher that he is really sorry about what happened and that he loves him. First, Christopher doesn’t understand what his father means, but then his father raises up his left hand and spreads his fingers out in a fan and they two make their fingers and thumbs touch each other. Later Christopher and Ed visit the giraffs.

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