Summary: Chapter 167

After Mr. Boone puts the dirty laundry in the washing machine, he goes upstairs and sits down next to Christopher on his bed and say to him that he could trust him every time, but that it`s difficult to always tell the truth. And sometimes it hurts to tell somebody the truth. Then Mr. Boone say to Christopher that he killed Wellington. Mr. Boone tells Christopher why he did that, he tells him that Mr. Boone and Mrs. Shears have an argument and after that Mr. Boone thinks that Wellington was more important to Mrs. Shears than we are. First Christopher thinks that is is a joke, but it isn`t a joke. Slowly he realises that it isn`t a joke. Now Christopher get`s scared by his dad because he thinks that Mr. Boone could kill him just like he killed Wellington. Because of that he picks up his rat Toby, waits till his dad is asleep and then he sneaks out of the house and hides behind a rain barrel and waits.

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