Summary of Chapter 149

In Chapter 149 Christopher wants to find his book again, in which he had kept all the clues about the murder of Wellington. His father is still at work, so he’s alone at home. He looks everywhere trying hard to find his book: In the dustbin, in the garden, in the utility room, in the dining room and in the living room. At last he searches for his book in his father’s room. But Christopher has to be careful not to mess the room, because his father should not know, that Christopher is continuing his detective work. There, he finds his book in a shirt box. But he decides to leave it there, because if his father will find him with this book again, he may throw it away. Then Christopher notices that there are also many envelopes in the box which are addressed to him. He grabs one of them.  Suddenly he hears his father open the front door so he sneaks as quite as possible out of his father’s room, taking the envelope with him. He hides it in his room under his mattress. Afterwards he goes downstairs to eat something and having a Smalltalk with his father. Later he goes in his room again to find out more about this letter. He decides to open it.  It’s from his mother.  But it’s not logical because he still believes that his mother is dead so he supposes that this letter is not from his mother and it’s maybe addressed to another Christopher. He stops thinking of the envelope  and wait until his father is not at home again because then he wants to read the other letters and see from where they are and what they say so he goes downstairs again to watch TV.


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