Summary of chapter 191

In this chapter Christopher is at the train station and wants to go to London to live with his mum.

First he makes a map of the train station in his head, but he’s scared of all those new things, this new area and all these people, so he can’t concentrate. The station is like a tunnel and to be able to find his train he has to go through the tunnel. There is too much noise for him to concentrate on his plan. He wants to cover his ears with his hands, close his eyes and sit down. There isn’t a possibility to sit down so he says to himself that he could walk down the tunnel and there might be something he can sit down on and where he can think. He just looks at a sign at the end of the tunnel and starts to walk. He arrives at the end of the tunnel and then he walks up some stairs and finds a corner with some tables and chairs. He tries to think about what he could do next, but he thinks of too many other things, so he solves some math problems to calm his mind.

A policeman arrives and asks Chris some questions, for example, who he is, why he’s sitting here alone, where he wants to go and so on. He also asks if Chris has a ticket, and he says that he has just the cashpoint card from his dad. The man helps Christopher to find the cashpoint machine and also the ticket office, where Chris buys his ticket to London. He goes to platform 1 and gets on the train.

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