Summary Chapter 71

Chapter 71

The main point of chapter 71 of the book “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time“ by Mark Haddon is that the protagonist Christopher wants to show that he is not stupid and can do his A-level.

Christopher thinks that it is stupid to call his schoolmates “Special Needs” because for him everyone has to deal with difficulties and everyone has special needs.In his opinion it is useless to invent new proper terms for disabled people because people will always use them as offensive names if they want to. He says that he just doesn’t listen to what other people say.Christopher wants to do his A-level in Maths because he wants to prove that he isn’t stupid. But his headmistress doesn’t agree because he won’t be treated differently from everyone else. After a big discussion between his father and the headmistress she allows him to do his A-level with a member of staff looking after him.Christopher is sure that he will get an A-grade and will go to university so that he will earn lots of money and will have someone who looks after him.

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