Diary entry by Mrs Shears

15th of december  2013

Dear diary,

I know I didn’t write for a long time , but it happened too much …
Roger had an affaire with Judy. I couldn’t imagine how he could do this to me . Judy was a friend of mine but not anymore. I don’t know why she was so special for him. Well I know our relationship wasn’t that good. We had lots of arguments but this isn’t a reason to deceive me. When I realized that they had an affaire it was like a knife sticking in my heart.  I thought I could never trust a man again but then I met Ed Boon. I knew I could trust him because he had the same feelings and the same anxiety, I had . We had to order our lives new and I helped him to overlap this hard time. I understood him and he understood me and we came closer. We had a relationship and I also met his son Christopher, the boy with Asperger Syndrome. I often cooked his meals and looked after him. It’s really difficult with him. He screams when he is angry. He also doesn’t like brown or yellow things. Because of that Ed asked me to live with them, because I actually got on very well with Christopher but I didn’t want to. So we argued and I overreact as I do always. He thought that Wellington was more important for me than he and Christopher. One day later Wellington was murdered with a  gardenfork. I will never forget that picture. It wasn’t just a dog, he was also my friend. His black fur was so soft and if you blink to him he blinks back to you. He had a real character and he was important to me. When I saw him laying in the grass, Christopher stood there and at the first moment I thought he killed him. But when I think twice, it becomes clear that Ed has to be the murderer. How was he able to do that? To kill a dog in such a horrible way. I shudder when I imagine how he was killed. Christopher wants to know who killed the dog. He does detective work and asks people if they’ve seen something in the night. What will happen if he finds out that his father killed Wellington? Anyways I hope he does. That would just be fair. Every sin has to be punished!  I lost everything: My dog, my husband and my boyfriend.

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