About the London Tube


I´ll analyze the London Tube for you. The London tube is a very big complex with over 400 kilometer (250 miles) rails and 270 stations. 55 percent from these 400 kilometers is above the ground. It was opened in 1863 with the first line, the metropolien line. Now there 11 lines. And over one year these lines transport 1.23 billion  people.

The reference to the book “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time” and Christopher with his Asperger Syndrom:
It´s not very nice for Christoph when he want´s to drive to his mum cause there are very many people. And people with Asperger Syndrom, as Chris is one, don´t like all these many people and all these loud noises. So it´s a very big overcoming for Christopher to travel alone to his mum.

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