Analysis: Eileen Shears

Eileen Shears is an important person in “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time”, although she is only a minor character. She is the owner of Wellington, the killed dog and she is the first person Christopher meets in the book. Eileen Shears has a very hard time in the book. It’s very difficult for her to find a man, who treats her well. In the book she has relationships with two different men. On the one hand her first husband, Roger Shears. He had an affaire with her neighbour, Judy, the wife of Ed Boon. On the other hand Eileen had a relationship with Ed Boon. But after a big fight he killed her dog, Wellington. That has been very terrible for her, because Wellington was her only friend and she loved him. Eileen Shears is a very impulsive woman. When she sees her dead dog in Chapter 5 she gets overboard and shouts at Christopher. In the end, she realizes that Christopher couldn’t have been guilty.When she realizes that Roger Shears broke up with Judy Boon (in Chapter 233), she is very gleeful. But she also cares about her fellow-men. She helped Ed Boon to overlap the hard time when Judy left him and helps him to order his new life because they were both in the same situation.

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