Analysis: Christopher’s disease

Christopher’s disease is not very usual. It is the Asperger Syndrome. People with the Asperger Syndrome are special kinds of authists. 
They think and act different than other people. They don’t like strangers, sometimes they hate some colours, they don’t want to be touched and they don’t know to deal with situations, which are easy to handle for us. If a person has got the Asperger Syndrome, they plan and structure everything they do. They brush their teeth,  they eat,  they put their clothes on,  they take the bus… everyday at the same time. The day has to be well structured for them. It is very hard for people with this syndrome to go shopping or to do other things which are normal for us. When they are at a crowded place, with many strangers, it could happen that they start screaming, rolling on the floor or hitting other people.
The ones with the Asperger are often smarter than other people and are able to solve for example maths problems in seconds. Problems, which are difficult for us, are easy for them and problems, which are easy for us, are difficult for them.
If somebody has got this special and complicated syndrome, they are not able to live a normal life like we do. They can not go to a normal school,  can’t start a family,  can’t go to the supermarket and  can’t handle the easiest things. If you have got somebody in your family with the Asperger Syndrome, you can’t show your love like kissing and hugging, it is difficult for everybody.  



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