Christopher meets Sheldon Cooper

Three months ago Christopher started watching “Big Bang Theory” on TV. He admires Sheldon Cooper because he’s smart and has great ideas. He likes the series because there are so many intelligent people, but he also feels a little bit alone because Sheldon Cooper has very intelligent friends and Chris hasn’t. When he thought about that, he decided to search for Sheldon and to ask him if he likes to talk with him about the universe, video games, maths and physics. One day it succeeds him to meet Sheldon at a Big Bang Theory convention.

C(ristopher): Hello I’m Christopher Boone.

S(heldon): Hello. How are you?

C: Fine. I wanted to talk to you about the universe, maths and physics. I like it that you’re on tv.

S: Oh. Do you want to have an autograph?

C: I just want to discuss with you about the big bang. Because we can calculate how old the universe is with the help of hubble`s constant. Or maybe we can find a solution for the riemann hypothesis.

S: Hmm… You`re very clever if you can discuss about things  like that, aren`t you?

C: Yes I think so. I took my A level Further Maths last year and got an A grade and in one year I`m going to take A level Physics and get an A grade too.

S: Wow. And you think that we can talk about different math problems or other things like that?

C: Yes. Why not? I know that you`re a physician. I watched you on tv.

S: Christopher, listen… I have to explain something to you.

C: Ok.

S: I`m not Sheldon Cooper, I`m just an actor and my name is Jim Parsons.

C: I don`t like lies. I know that you`re Sheldon Cooper. I saw you on TV.

S: I`m sorry. It`s just a role. I`m not as smart as Sheldon or as you. But I admire intelligent people like you…really.

C: Is that true? I can`t discuss with you about the universe? You`re not a physician?

S: No. I`m an actor. Please don`t be too disappointed.

Christopher just walks away. He can`t believe that his idol isn`t real.

S: Wait Christopher! Please don`t walk away. I like to talk to you. You`re a genius.

C: Mhm…

S: Hey, come on. Let`s talk a little bit about your life ok? Do you want some biscuits? We can sit down in the cafe over there and talk.

C: Okay. I like biscuits except brown ones.

S: But biscuits are brown?!

C: I`ll colour them red. Brown always reminds me of dirt, gravy, poo, wood and an unfriendly girl at school.

S: Okay do you want to tell me more about you?

C: …

S: Hello?

C: Okay.

S: So let`s do that.

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