Christopher’s blog post

Hey guys,

today was a very informative day. My father dumped my book into the garbage pail. But when I searched for it, it wasn’t there anymore, so I thought about where Father could hide it and I detected it in his room. I was very stressed, because I wasn’t able to go into father’s room. I decided to look into father’s clothes cupboard. In the bottom of the cupboard was an old shirt box and inside: my book! I heard Father shutting the door of his van. This was when I saw some envelopes, which were addressed to me. The words ‘Christopher’ and ‘Swindon’ were written with a little circle instead of dots over the ‘i’ and I only know 3 people who write like this. One was Siobhan, one was Mr Loxely (teacher) and one was Mother. I took one of the letters and went out of Fathers room and into my room, I hid the letter and went downstairs to Father and we ate. After that I went upstairs and read the letter.

I was confused, it seems like the letter was written by Mother. But the letter comes from London, Mother never lived in London and she never worked as a secretary in a firm that makes things out of steel. Also strange was the date on the postmark: 16.10.97. That was 18 months after she had died. I didn’t understand. Maybe the letter goes to another Christopher and it was written by his mum or the letter was just in the wrong envelope? I’m curious, because this wasn’t the only letter, in the box were some more and I want to read them. Wouldn’t you want to read the other letters?

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