Creative writing; Siobhan’s article for a magazine

This article is for those of you who are interested in a really difficult and special topic; the Asperger Syndrome. How could you handle the situation if you have a kid with this syndrome? The first challenge is to find out that your child is different because they look normal but they think different. If you are not sure it would be the best  to go to somebody who is an expert on this topic. Don’t be sad just because your son or your daughter has got the Asperger. There are also some positive aspects. Most of these kids are smarter than the others, they have a topic they know everything about. From my  point of view you shold boost this. My patient for example is a real mastermind! He is the best student in his maths class and he can solve any mathematic problem in seconds.
If you have a kid with the Asperger you have to accept that you can’t live with them a normal live.  Your kid probably doesn’t want to hug you although they love you.  A good way to show your love or to calm your kid down is to spray out your finger to a fan and all your child has to do is to do the same and then you touch your hand.
Don’t be confused if your child does something unusual, like colouring their food or something like that. That is because your child hates some colours.
You have to adapt yourself a bit. Try to avoide to do things your child hates.
The most kids with the Asperger Syndrome don’t like strangers. Some of them hate them. When you and your child are at a place where many other people are, you have to anticipate, that your son or your daughter does something unexpected, like shouting or rolling on the floor. The worst thing you can do in a situation like this, is to shout at your child or to be angry with them. It is not unusual, that your child hits you. They don’t do something like that because they don’t like you or because they want you to get sad. This is because they don’t know how to handle the situation. They are not able to think so far that they hurt you and if they recognize it they can’t stop it just because they see that you get angry or sad.
Your child doesn’t think like you, there’s another world in his mind and you have to realize that. If you don’t know how to carry on living with your son or your daughter or if you have any questions, you should go to an expert.

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