Dialogue between Homer Simpson and Christopher Boone in the Tube

Homer Simpsons and Christopher Boone

H:  Hey you,  the seat next to you – is it free?


H: Hello, is there anybody?

C: Yes

H: Can I sit next to you?

C: Why are you yellow?

H: Hmmm I’ve never thought about it before.

C: But why are you yellow ?

H: Because not everybody can look like you dude! I’ll take seat next to you now.

C: Sir I don’t like you sitting next to me.

H: Yes, and I don’t like Marge calling me home from Moes tavern but shit happens right buddy?

C: It’s not logical that people are yellow, are you sick? Maybe you can paint your skin, because I don’t like the color yellow.

H: No. I’m not sick. Maybe sick for donuts? Do you want some?

C: No

H: Fine, because I wouldn’t give you one.

C: Maybe you have got the jaundice. It’s when your skin has a yellow pigmentation. You get it if you have increased levels of bilirubin in the extracellular fluid. It’s when you have a disturbance in your bilirubin metabolism.  If your concentration of bilirubin plasma is higher than 2.5mg/dl  than it leads to jaundice

H: What the hell?! Can I use a Phone-a-friend lifeline? Lisa will understand…

C: You smell like Dad when he was out with his friends at evening. Kind of an alcohol smell

H: Duff beer. For adults and kids with a fake identity card.

C: You know that alcohol is unhealthy.

H:D’oh! But it’s the cause and solution for every problem.

C: Why do you dribble?

H: Because I’m so hungry

C: But you have eaten six donuts.

H: Yes, but it’s five minutes ago. Do you want to see my special talent. I can eat 3 donuts at once.

C:Do you know that every third person is corpulent in the USA.

H: Is that bad or good?

C: Bad.

H: As long as my favorite blue jeans fits everything is okay.

C: …

H: What’s your name?

C: I am not allowed to talk to strangers.

H: Dude, I thought that we were friends!

C: I don’t know anything about you, so you are a stranger.

H: Okay my name is Homer Simpson. I have got two children. Oh no wait I’ve got three. My big love is the duffman and I’m married with Marge. I’m working in a nucular power plant. Well I pretend working when my boss is around me. Mr. Burns.

C: It’s called nuclear power plant. Lucky, dullness is not contagious.

H: Oh no it isn’t I have asked my doctor.

C: And you can feed a whole family?

H: More or less. But I’ve got three kids and no money but sometimes I wish I had three money and no kids.

C: …

H:Why are you alone without any parents?

C: Because I left home I want to go to my mother and live with her now.

H: Where is your dad?

C: He’s still at home. I left home because he lied very much and he has killed a dog.

H: Oh we also have  a dog. He’s called Knecht Ruprecht. He is very clever. Might be he’s smarter than Bart.

C: A dog can’t be smarter than humans. Imagine a brain of a human weights 1200-1500 gram while a dogs brain weights just 70-150 gram. So the brain of humans is much bigger.

H: Wow, you sound so clever. What do you want to do for a living when you’re grown up?

C: My dream is to be astronaut.

H: So cool! Then you have to fly to the sun. But be careful just fly at night because at day the sun is too hot.

C: Maybe your brain weights also 70-150 gram…

H: The first time that I don’t weight more than other people! Where are we actually?

C: Nearby London.

H: D’ooh! I just wanted to go to the mall. Lisa asked me not to drive the car because of the fumes. Shit I think I’ve just picked the wrong train. Goodbye buddy. I have to find my way home. Hope we see each other again. Bye, bye.

C: Why was he yellow? I’m confused. Maybe I should solve some maths problems now.


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