“He’s cleverer than me!”- Boy with Asperger Syndrome has an A grade in Maths A level

Christopher John Francis Boone is one person from a little part of the population of the UK who has Asperger Syndrome and he achieves something absolutely incredible.

One day he and his father Ed Boone were at the special school which Christopher goes to. Mr Boone talked to the teacher there, so that Christopher can do his Maths A level in the age of 15. Now everybody might think that’s impossible, but it isn’t! Mostly people with Asperger Syndrome are very clever. They know things, which normal people couldn’t know. Christopher, for example, knows all the capital cities of the whole world. Although he’s very clever, Christopher has deficits, for example: He can’t be nearby people he doesn’t know, otherwise he starts to scream and rolls on the floor.

But then he did it. His Maths A level and if you believe or not, he has an A grade. His parents are very proud of him and his father says in an interview: “He’s quite cleverer than me! I had a C grade in my Maths A level.”

In the next two years Christopher is going to take his A level in Physics and if it’s become good he’s going to go to university for becoming a scientist.

Christopher  Boone – with 15 years cleverer than anybody else!

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