Judy Boone

Judy Boone is Christopher’s mother. She lives in Willesden at 451c Chapter Road in London. She is married with Ed Boone, but in a relationship with Roger Shears. She lived with Ed and Christopher in Swindon, but she broke up with Ed and moved to London with Roger. When she lived in Swindon she worked as a secretary for a big garage in the centre of the town. In London she works as a secretary for a firm that makes things out of steel.

Judy is very important for the story, because Christopher didn’t know that she’s alive. His father lied to him and said that she died because of a heart attack. Every week she wrote letters to Christopher for two years, but his father hid them.  Judy wrote in one of her letters that she thinks she wasn’t a good mother for Christopher and she was impatient. Later Christopher finds the letters and he also finds his mother. When she met Christopher again she was very surprised and overjoyed.

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