Summary: Chapter 181

Hey guys, today i want to make a summary of the chapter 181 of our book.

In this chapter the story doesn´t continue, but Christopher explains some points. He tells that he doesn´t like new places, because he hasn´t seen anything beforehand and he couldn´t look at the things that have changed or moved. He continues with an example of that. He thinks all the other people are lazy, because they never look at anything very exactly. He reasons with  examples: If you are on a field in the countrysite people will  realize this atmosphere like that:

– There are some cows in the fields

– There is a village in the distance                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ….

Then he tells, that he had seen such a field too, but he had realized other things than the people, for example:

– There  are 19 cows in the field, 15 of which are black and white and 4 of which brown and white

-There is a village in the distance which has 31 visible houses and a church with a square tower and not a spire


He found 36 other things in  the field but he didn´ t writeit down. He continues with a joke, although he told in Chapter 13, that he cannot tell jokes. After the joke he refers to the beginning of this chapter, that he doesn´t like new places. If there are a lot of people he closes his eyes, because people aren´t like cows and he must scan the people first.

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