Summary Chapter 233

In chapter 233, the last and  longest chapter of the book, Christopher is already at his mother’s house. At the beginning they talk about how long he can stay . Roger, the boyfriend of his mum doesn’t want him to stay at their house very long but his mother thinks he should stay as long as he wants. Judy Boone wants to go out with Chris to buy him some clothes, but she recognizes fast, that this is not a good idea; Chris shouts and rolls on the floor on the way to the shops because the other people make him nervous. Judy has to go shopping alone. Later on, Christopher says, that he has to go back to his hometown, because he really wants to do his maths A level. His mother doesn’t know how to handle the situation. She doesn’t want Chris to leave her on his own, has no time to drive with him to Swindon,  doesn’t want to leave Roger. Furthermore she doesn’t want Chris to live alone with his father and she doesn´t want Chris to become sad. Chris doesn’t feel happy, when he recognizes, that his mother doesn’t want him to do his maths A level.
In the night, Chris goes out, like he did it sometimes when he lived in Swindon. His mother is really scared when she notices, that Chris is not at home and when she finds him, se tells him not to do it again. Next day Chris and his mum argue again because of the A level and Christoher gets very sad and angry.
Some days later, Mr Shears comes into Christopher’s room in the night after he had drunk a lot.
He talks to him in an unfriendly way, but before anything can happen, Judy pulls Roger away. The next day, Chris and his mother leave London and Mr  Shears to drive to Swindon.
Christophers mother has got the keys of her husband’s house, so they go there. When the father of Chris arrives at home, he is really surprised and he wants Judy to leave. But later Ed is the one who has to leave his home to spend some weeks with his old friend  Rhodri.
Cristopher is convinced that he is able to do his maths A level next day.
The problem is, that his mother already rang his teachers to tell them, that Chris could not do this and Chris gets sad again. He doesn’t eat anything in the evening and he doesn`t sleep either.
Next day in shool, Siobhan says, that Chris may do his maths A level and she asks him if he would like to do it. He is not sure, because he feels very tired but after some minutes of thinking he says that he wants to solve his maths A level.  After he does it, Christopher is not sure, if he did it well or not, because he didn’t sleep the night before. When Chris comes home, his father already waits for him to talk with. But Christopher does not want to talk with his dad, because he is afraid and disappointed of him. But Judy is also in the room, so Chris decides to listen to his father. But Ed just wants to know, how Chris feels about the maths A level. He says to Chris, that he is very proud of him.
During the next few days, Judy finds a job in Swindon so that Chris and her can move into a flat. As a proof of his love, Ed buys a dog for his son and Chris calls her ‘Sandy’. At the end of the chapter, Chris and his dad talk again and Chris loses a bit of his fear. Ed and Judy stop argueing. Chris is happy now because he gets his maths A level and he sometimes does some activities with his father.

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