Summary of chapter 151

Is it mystery – or is it just logical but scientists have just not found the Explanation of some phenomenon yet?

In this Chapter Christopher tells us a little bit about this question. We learn that Christopher’s uncle who is called Terry has seen a ghost in a shoe shop. According to Christopher’s opinion scientists will eventually discover something that explains ghosts and then ghosts will be not much more of a mystery than rainbows or electricity. He tells us another mystery which is not mysterical at all. At his School there is a pond and in the pond live frogs. In some years there are many frogs and other years the pond has just few frogs in it.  The cause of a low frog population is not always a cold winter or something like that. Sometimes it’s just maths.

With this complicate formula one can calculate the population of animals

Nnew = λ (Nold) (1-Nold)

It has been discovered by Robert May, George Oster and Jim Yorke.

Christopher concludes that there is no reason why a whole population of animals or people disappears; it’s just the way the numbers work.

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