Diary entry by the police officer

Dear diary,

today happened something strange which I want to tell you. Namely, we became a radio message that we should look for a boy who is sitting in front of a coffee. When we went there i was wondering what this boy is like and why the hell he is sitting in front of this coffee.  Now I can tell you that this boy is very strange. Why? Because first time I meet him at this coffee., he was just sitting there and didn’t do anything I first thought WTF is he doing but ok… When I came there I helped him because he told me that he wants to go to London and he hasn´t an idea what to do. He wasn`t able to buy a ticket on his one and that is a thing that everybody can do. Whatever, after we had bought the ticket I got a new radio message that I should find a boy with the name Christopher and bring him to the policestation… And this was the boy which i helped a second ago. So I started to run because Chris was still on the train! But I catch him nevertheless! But what is so strange about the this boy? He just had pissed in his freaking pants because he didn`t know that there is a toilet in the train! And this with about 14 years… And this is not the end of the story, because after he went to the toilet he was away… I don`t know where he has gone. Maybe he has been hiding somewhere but i dont really know.. Oh man, i was so confused in this situation but thanks god that my boss wasnt so angry at me.  This was one of my strangest experience in my hole life and i dont want to re-experience such a situation…

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