Ed Boone

Ed Boone is Christopher’s father and married with Judy Boone but they don´t live together because they are separated since Christopher is 13. Christopher and Ed live in Swindon. And as a father of an Asperger Syndrom child si he very wise about the likes and dislikes from his son. He is owner of an maintenace service, called “Ed Boone Heating Maintenance & Boiler Repair.

Often in the evening he drink very much alcohol and than he is very aggressive and one time he also hit his son. He had a good relationship to Mrs. Shears and he want that she lived with him and Christopher at their house but she didn´t want because she want to live in her own house and since the argument both are silvestrited. But at large is Ed Boone a friendly and relaxed person without if  he drunk alcohol.

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