Letter to Siobhan 30 years later

Oxford, July 12, 2043

Dear Siobhan,

Now it`s 6:43pm and I`m writing this letter to you. This is my 47 letter. I want to tell you what happened in the last time. As I already told you I`m professor in math and physic. My researches in astronomy get along and I discovered many new things. I already started with my second doctoral thesis. It`s hard but I like it, because there is much mathematics in it.

I`ll show you some details of my daily routine: 6:30am wake up, 6:55am wash face, 7:10am take Stella for a walk, 7:30am have breakfast, 7:45am clean teeth, 8:00am drive to university, 8:25 arrive at university, etc…  I`m at home again at 5:35pm, I`m really tired then. I didn`t tell you who is Stella. Stella is my dog. I called her like this because I like astronomy and Stella is Latin for star. She is a golden retriever and is 1 year, 2 month and 7 days old. I like her. Her coat is beige and she is very friendly. At the weekends I often promenade with her and my mom around Oxford. My mom is now staying with me because she is now 73 years, 10 month and 19 days old and dad has died. He died last month, exactly before 43 days.He died  of an apoplectic stroke. She can`t get along alone and she helps me with some things, I can`t manage. I think it`s good that she is with me.

I have a house outside of Oxford. The living space is 100 sq. m and it has got a living room, a kitchen, a bath and two rooms. All is quadratic. One room is mine and the other is my mom`s now. Before it, it was my study room. I don`t like the change but currently my mom has to sleep somewhere. Each Monday comes Anna Hoskins. She is my charwoman and she does well. As you know I don`t like changes and want all in order. In the vehicle hall stands my red Mercedes and I clean it every Wednesday, it`s a ritual.

My dream gets truth because I do research on astronomy. Since I`m at the university it`s easier for me to get along with people. I don`t walk away anymore, if I don`t understand something. It`s hard but my contacts with them are a lot better than 30 years ago. I still can`t understand metaphors or something like that and I hate lies. But now I can talk to strangers and can be with many people in a room. When I think back, I have changed myself a lot. I still know everything from the past. I`m very proud that I`ve got my A level in math with 15 and got all points. Do you remember the book, I wrote? About who killed Wellington. You told me that I should write something that I like. I`m truly glad that I wrote it because without this perhaps I`d never found the letters of my mother. And my dad never told me the truth and lied the whole time. As I travelled by myself to London it was a really strong but important experience for me. Since this I know I can cope by myself.                                                                                                                                                  I have to finnish because at 7:20pm I have dinner.

Now it`s 7:12pm.

Yours, Christopher

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