The role of absences in life

Everybody knows this. Something is missing. It isn`t there. You need it and miss it. Like your father, mother, brother, sister, grandpa, grandma, aunt, uncle, friend,… Maybe they are dead, maybe they are simply not around you or you have no contact with them anymore. I, for example, miss my mom most of all and it`s really hard to live without her, because she lives somewhere else. I often telephone with her, but anyway, I miss her.

In chapter 43 Christopher comes to know that his mom isn`t at home and is alleged in hospital. It isn`t very fatally for him. This is strange, because normal people are worried about the person and think: When is she or he better again? What can I do? Can I help somehow? And so on.  But everything what he does is writing a Get Well card, because you do that when people are in hospital. He`s not really worried what`s with her.                  Two weeks later, he hears that his mom has died (in chapter 53). He doesn`t care about it. All that he wants to know is from which kind of heart attack she died and analyze which kind could be the most possible. That`s really strange, because for me the world would break down, if my mom died. I would never come up with the idea to analyze this. I wouldn`t know what to do and would be very sad! For me it`s hard to understand that for him this isn`t important and his daily routine goes on. For him death is logical because everybody has to die and he knows the natural process. He doesn`t believe in God and that his mom goes to heaven because there are no evidence that God exists.                                    As he finds out that his mum is still alive he is overextended and shocked (chapter 157). I think this is a normal reaction any human has. I would be shocked too if I would suddenly experience that my mom is still alive. But the worst for him is that his dad has lied.

Why is it worse for him that his mom is still alive and not dead?                                             It`s because he can`t handle relations and for him it`s logic if people die. Their body rots and the molecules were broken down into other molecules. But if somebody break away there are emotions in the pie. But he can`t handle them because he don`t know feelings very well.                                                                                                                          Christopher likes order and he want the old order again before his mother left him. That`s why he risks everything to get to her.

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