The stability of the family

For me, my family is very important. Everyday when I come home I know that there`s always someone who I can talk to. My family always supports me and I know that they love me and that`s not just important for me. I think that having a family is very important for all teenagers and in general for all people. But what about Christopher Boone and his family?

I think Christopher`s family is unstable. Christopher`s disease is a big problem for his parents. Because of the Asperger Syndrome (AS) he has special behaviours and it`s difficult for other people to deal with them. For example when he can`t handle a situation he starts rolling on the floor and making strange noises and the problem is that nobody can stop him. For his parents living with a son who has AS is not easy. They often argue and they don`t have time for each other because they always have to look after their son. For the relationship this is very hard and it has to be strong because when it isn`t it will break. Christopher`s mother was overwhelmed and couldn`t handle this situation. So she started an affair with her neighbour Mr. Shears and she left her family without telling them anything. Ed Boone was very shocked because then he had to manage everything on his own and he didn`t know how to explain his son the disappearance of his mother. Ed started to lie and told Chris that his mother died because of a heart attack. You should never lie to your family you should always tell the truth because in a family it`s important that everyone can trust each other. The big lie is difficult for Ed and he starts drinking a lot of alcohol. But drinking alcohol isn`t a solution and the problems won`t disappear. For every normal teenager a situation like that would be horrible. To loose his mother is very hard because everyone needs the love of his mother. And when the father starts drinking in a situation like that the family will burst. Christopher doesn`t notice the problems of his family because of his disease. That are the reasons why I think that Christopher`s family is unstable.

All in all I`m happy that my family isn`t like that and a stable family is important for everyone.

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