Analysis: Christopher Boone

Christopher Boone is a 15 years old boy who lives in England in a little town called Swindon. His full name is Christopher Francis Boone. He lives only with is father, Ed Boone, in a house because his mother, Judy, went away from them to live with another man, called Mr Shears. Christopher is not a  “normal” boy because he has the Asperger Syndrome. The Asperger Syndrome is a form of autism and a life-long disease. So it can’t be cured and there are many consequences for his life. So in general you can say that life is much harder for Christopher because he doesn’t understand normal communication and meanings of many things at all, so for example he doesnt understand jokes, lies or metaphors. His life is really in order, he has a structured day. He finds the world very confusing and it’s hard for him to make friendships. Cristopher’s behaviour towards others and his communication is really strange because he is shy,  gives only easy answers, and often he just walks away if he thinks so. In conflicts he is unpredictable, he covers his ears and rolls on the floor,  he applies with violence or he starts with his groaning, a kind of shouting.

At the beginning of the book a little dog, called Wellington is killed and Christopher wants to find the murderer and with this he gets in trouble and he has conflicts too and I want to name some of them. First there is the conflict with his mum, Judy, because, as I already said, she goes away from them to live with Mr Shears, a man from Christophers neighbourhood. But Christopher first thinks that his mum is dead because of a heart attackwhich told him his father. Its a lie of course and this is the beginning of the main conflict, the conflict with his dad. So he tells lies to him, he killes the dog and he hurtes Christopher. This is the reason why he went away from his dad to his mum and during he lives there, there is another little conflict, too: The conflict with Mr Shears because he doesn’t like Christopher and he wants to hurt him. This is the reason why he goes with his mum back to Swindon and to his father.

Although Christopher has the AS he is not stupid at all and he is a real genius in mathematics,  so for example he wants to take his A Level in school during the book. And with maths he has many other likes too, so for example he likes dogs or animals in general. So of course he likes Wellington too but he also likes policemen and their uniforms, Minesweeper, prime numbers (he knows all of them up to 7.507), capital cities ( he knows them all!), machines, his rat Toby and astronauts. But, of course, he has many dislikes, too. So like dead animals, lies, proper novels, jokes, emoticans, the colours yellow and brown, or people who are shouting/staring at him.

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