Analysis: Murder Mystery Stories and Sherlock Holmes

In this book we often read that Christopher compares murder mystery stories with his own book so this is a very important thing and  that´s why I write about this. First you have to know that murder mystery stories are stories I like to read and watch on TV. My favourite murder mystery series is “Tatort” because it is very funny and exiting to watch . But what is a Murder Mystery Storie? It is a story about a crime like a murder or something like a bank heist but mostly a murder. Stories like that are always a little bit scary and exciting. The protagonist in a Murder Mystery story is always a detective. They hunt the culprit until he got him. Christopher likes them because they are logical and you have to think about it. One of the famoused detective and Chrisophers favorite is Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes is a created figure by Arthur Conan Doley and he is a detectiv. Sherlock lived in 19-20 century. He had a specific art of work, because of his fine-grained observation and his conclusion. Holmes is a big man with a striking face. His clothes are typical for a detective: A Deerstalker hat and a long grey jacket and always in his hand a magnifier and a pipe. There are 60 works on Sherlocks Homes (4 Romans and 56 short stories). In most of the stories he has got an assistant, his name is Dr. Watson. Christopher likes him because Sherlock Holmes thinks always logical and he doesn´t believe in supernatural things like ghosts. Chris admires Holmes for his detectiv work.

So at the end we can say, that murder mystery stories are exiting stories with a detective as a protagonist and one of the famous detective is Sherlock Holmes. Christopher likes them because Sherlock Holmes work and murder mystery stories are logical and you have to think about it to understand them.

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