Dialogue between Siobhan and Christopher’s father after chapter 157

Ed: Siobhan, I have to tell you something, Judy wrote several letters to Christopher. In   total there were 43 of them.

Siobhan: OK.

Ed: I never gave Christopher the letters. I thought it would be better for him, but I see, I made it even worse.

Siobhan: So what did happen, that you’re telling me that now?

Ed: Yesterday he found the box, which is a shirt box, where the letters were in.

Siobhan: We both know that you made something wrong. But that doesn’t interest me that much. I’m more interested in how Christopher feels right now.

Ed: He is sick and he vomited all over his bed, I had to clean the sheets and put them into the washing machine.


I know you’re angry at me right now and I can understand you, I would react like you. But I think you should go to him and speak with him, that would be the best. He is still angry at me and if you are there he doesn’t get into mischief.

Siobhan: Yeah I think that would be the best we can do right now.

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