Summary Chapter 103

In this chapter Christopher gets home from his walk with Mrs Alexander in the park. Rhodri was there, when he got home. In the evening Rhodri and Ed will drink beer and watch television. Then Rhodri asked Chris what 251 times 864 is. After a few seconds Christopher just answered 216,864. Then Rhodri was so impressed that Christopher answered so fast, that he laughed. But Chris doesn’t like it, when people laugh at him.

Ed put some Indian food in the oven, after he asked Christopher, if that is ok. He will put red food color in it, because usually it was yellow. While the food was in the oven Chris went out in the garden. But the garden was very boring that day, so he looked into the sky. He thought, that normally the sky is even more boring, than the garden, but that day there were many different kinds of clouds in the sky. One cloud absorbed him. It was the closest to the ground and was very big, he thought about spaceships from aliens and that they may not look like the people think. Maybe they look very unprepossessing, like a leaf, or even a cloud. They may not even be made out of solid material. After he is done with this chain of thought he sniffes his nose. He wanted to know how the garden smelled. But the garden smelled like nothing, what was interesting too. Then he went in again.

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