Summary Chapter 227

In chapter 227, Christopher tries to calm himself while he is waiting for his train. So he sits down and closes his eyes. He looks up and notices that he is been sitting there for nearly 5 hours and that Toby, his pet rat, had escaped. Christopher spots Toby near the rails and climbs down there to get him. A man standing nearby notices him and tries to drag him off the tracks. Just when the train arrives, both Toby and Christopher are rescued. But instead of being thankful, Christopher starts screaming because the rescuer hurt his arm. 8 trains later, Christopher gets on a train which takes him to Willesden Junction.

Not willing but in need of assistance, he asks a man in a shop how to get to his mother’s address. The man advises him to buy a map of London he sells in the store. He figures out the way and finally arrives at his mother’s house. Nobody is home but soon he recognizes two familiar voices: his mother’s and Mr. Shears’. His mother is seemingly happy to see him again but asks him why he didn’t write any letters. Christopher explains that his father kept telling him she was dead. Naturally, she is shocked about his father’s decision to lie.

Later, a policeman arrives at the apartment asking Christopher where he would like to stay – at his mother’s or at his father’s. Eventually, Christopher answers honestly explaining the reason for his flight: his father is Wellington’s murderer. The policeman is satisfied and tells them to call the police if Christopher’s father arrives. And that is the case. His father apologizes for killing Wellington but Christopher does not respond at all. Mr. Shears then calls the police taking Christopher’s father with them.

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