Christopher’s classmates write to Siobhan

April 16th, 2012

Dear Siobhan,

we don´t know what to do. Christopher is steeling our last nerves. He just walks away if we try to explain us so we thought you could give us some advice.

Last Friday, Anna teased Chris because he was better at maths than she was. He covered his ears and started rolling on the floor. The other day, he just sat in class with his eyes closed and as soon as our teacher touched him, he started screaming. Furthermore, he leaves the classroom precisely at 3:00 pm even if the teacher has not yet finished. But even worse, if you ask him one little think referring to maths, he just starts speaking like a waterfall. First he talks about primes, then about the Thales circle, then he changes the topic to something about space and then to physics. We don´t know what to do.

Please help us!

Yours, Nick

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