Letter to Siobhan about order in life


Dear Siobhan,

thank you for your last letter! Today, I want to explain you why order in life is so important for me. Without order in life nothing would work out right, everywhere would be chaos and nobody would know what to do. I think I just tell you why order is so important for me. I mean when I wake up in the morning, I need to know what I am going to do this day, because I really hate it when unexpected things happen. So I do everyday the same things exactly at the same time, thats why I have my timetable. I can’t understand why most people live without a timetable.  I like timetables, because they show me when everything is going to happen. How can they live without it? How can they  wake up without knowing what to do? I hate that thought, because I need order in life and they don’t have it.  If everything is ordered, it is just perfect because I know how to react, what to do and I won’t forget anything. I knows that I have my tea everyday at 6.00 pm, I also know that I go to bed everyday at 9.30 pm. How is they’re daily life without knowing things like that? My dad for example never goes to bed at the same time. I can’t understand but I hope you understand why I think so. I have to stop writing now,  because it is 6.25 pm, and I have to start watching television at 6.30 pm.

Sincerely yours


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