Summary chapter 179

In chapter 179, Christopher wakes up in the garden because he slept there this night. He was afraid of his dad so he decided to sleep outside behind the garden house. In the morning he thinks about where he should go. Like all the time when he doesn’t know what to do he makes a plan in his mind. He thinks the best idea is to go to his mum so he would travel to London. But before he has to find someone who could take care of toby. The only solution is to ask Mrs Alexander. Christopher goes to her and tells her about his plan to go to London. Mrs Alexander doesn’t like his idea ,first he should go back to his dad and speak with him. Christopher runs away because he wasn’t the same opinion like her. He decides to go to Shioban, she would understand him .He walks through the streets until he is in front of the school. Dad’s car was in front of it. And if the car is there Dad is there too. He can’t speak to Shioban because there is a high riks that his Dad can see him and then he couldn’t go to his mum. He is sure that he has to go to the station now. Christopher doesn’t know the way. He aks a woman and she helps him how to get along.  He makes a plan in his mind again. He walks along the streets and finds the station.

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