Analysis: Minor Characters in the Novel

Hey guys, today I show you 4 minor characters of the book.

The first group of minor characters are the policemen:

At the beginning, Christoph likes policemen,  but when the policman touched Christopher at the night when Wellington was killed, Christopher had to change his mind about policemen. The policeman in the train to London maybe thought that Christopher was strange and not in his right mind, because he didn’t know, that Christopher had the Asperger Syndrome.

Man with diamond socks:

He is a man with strange diamond socks. He rescued Christopher from being run over by a train at a London station. After that he run againt a traindoor of the train, which he wanted to take.

Indian shopkeeper at Willesden:

He had a shop at the trainstation of Willesden. He cheated Christopher for a map of Willesden, because he knew that Christopher wasn’t normal.


Mother of a baby and a little boy, Christopher approached her to ask for directions to the Swindon train station.


He is a friend of Christopher´s father Ed Boon. He also works with Ed in maintenance as his co-worker. Rhodri asks Christopher some difficult math questions for his own amusement. He sometimes joins Ed for a drink while they watch TV.

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