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Diary entry by Roger Shears

Dear diary,                                                                             … Continue reading

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Analysis: Roger Shears

Roger Shears is the ex husband of Mrs Shears. When Christopher’s dad and mum left each other, Roger and Christopher’s Mum had come together and then they went to London because of Christopher’s dad. Roger really doesn’t like Christopher and … Continue reading

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Summary Chapter 37

In Chapter 37, Christopher tells us about his mother and that she said that he was a good person. Then he says that he always tells the truth because he can’t tell lies. And after that he explains what a … Continue reading

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Summary Chapter 31

In chapter 31, Christopher’s dad arrives at the police station and he’s very angry. After that, a policeman asks Christopher a few questions like who killed Wellington or if he’s telling the truth and he asks whether he wanted to … Continue reading

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Summary Chapter 29

In chapter 29, Christopher thinks about jokes, metaphors and facial expressions  like raising the eyebrows or closing the mouth and breathing out of the nose. He can’t understand those things because they can have different meanings. Also he can’t understand … Continue reading

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First Impressions of the book

My first impressions were, that the book is a little bit strange because of the boy, who is very strange and knows very much stuff about things like the universe or about mathematics that not every boy in his age … Continue reading

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