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Analysis: Murder Mystery Stories and Sherlock Holmes

In this book we often read that Christopher compares murder mystery stories with his own book so this is a very important thing and  that´s why I write about this. First you have to know that murder mystery stories are stories I like to … Continue reading

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Diary entry by the police officer

Dear diary, today happened something strange which I want to tell you. Namely, we became a radio message that we should look for a boy who is sitting in front of a coffee. When we went there i was wondering what this boy is like and … Continue reading

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Summary Chapter 199

In this chapter, Christopher tells you why people believe in God (he thinks people believe in God because the world is complicated and they think that God has put human beings on earth) and then he tells why god didn´t … Continue reading

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Summary Chapter 197

In chapter 197, Christopher is on the train. But then a policeman finds him and tells him that his father is at the policestation and that he is searching for him. The policeman`s assignment is to bring Chris back to … Continue reading

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Summary Chapter 193

In this chapter, Christopher is in the train to London and he creates a timetable for his mom. He also tells the reader that he likes timetables because with a timetable everything has an order and thats why he dislikes … Continue reading

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