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Reverend Peters

Reverend Peters is the husband of Mrs Peters. He was the invigilator   for Christophers A-level math exam, and he plays a key role for Christopher’s future.

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Summary 53

In this chapter Ed told’s Christopher that his mum died because of a herat attack. But Christopher doesn’t scream. He only want’s to know what kind of heart attack it was. Chrisropher said that are two main kinds of a … Continue reading

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Summary 59

In this Chapter we will know, that Christopher tells, that some signs are wrong or incorrectlly. He also want’s to said that all people brake rules. Like the example with the bible. In the bible there stay’s ‘You should not … Continue reading

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Summary 61

In this Chapter we will know that MrsPeters has a housband who was reverend. He sometimes come to the class and talk something about god. Christopher asked strange questions like ‘where is the heaven?’ or ‘where is god?’ then Christopher … Continue reading

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Dialogue between Christopher and Reverend Peters discussing religion

Christopher: I don’t think that dead people go to heaven. I only think that the brain stops working. Reverend Peters: No it isn’t so, the bible tells us that the dead person will go to heaven. Christopher: Maybe thats right … Continue reading

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