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The stability of the family

For me, my family is very important. Everyday when I come home I know that there`s always someone who I can talk to. My family always supports me and I know that they love me and that`s not just important … Continue reading

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Christopher meets Sheldon Cooper

Three months ago Christopher started watching “Big Bang Theory” on TV. He admires Sheldon Cooper because he’s smart and has great ideas. He likes the series because there are so many intelligent people, but he also feels a little bit … Continue reading

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Summary Chapter 223

This whole chapter is a description of an advert to make people go to Malaysia on a holiday. He describes the orang-utans and the text of the advert and he shows everything he knows about Malaysia like the highest mountain, … Continue reading

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Summary Chapter 211

At the beginning of this chapter Christopher is on the train to London and he`s hiding on the shelf. He does some maths puzzles to clear up his mind and then he asks himself if he`s already in London. While … Continue reading

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My first impression

The first thing I realized was that there are some strange names in the book like “Shioban” for example. I think that it`s horrible to murder a dog with a fork but after the first chapter I wanted to carry … Continue reading

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