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The role of absences in life

Everybody knows this. Something is missing. It isn`t there. You need it and miss it. Like your father, mother, brother, sister, grandpa, grandma, aunt, uncle, friend,… Maybe they are dead, maybe they are simply not around you or you have … Continue reading

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Letter to Siobhan 30 years later

Oxford, July 12, 2043 Dear Siobhan, Now it`s 6:43pm and I`m writing this letter to you. This is my 47 letter. I want to tell you what happened in the last time. As I already told you I`m professor in … Continue reading

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Summary chapter 7

In this chapter Christopher tells that Siobhan said that he should write about something he likes. He doesn`t like proper novels or something else so he wrote a murder mystery novel.  He explains that he wants to write about something … Continue reading

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Summary chapter 5

In this chapter the story of the dog goes on. Christopher pulls the fork out of the dog and hugs him. Then after a few minutes the owner Mrs Shears comes out of the house and screams, that he should … Continue reading

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Summary chapter 3

In this chapter our protagonist introduces himself. He`s called Christopher John Francis Boone and  he knows all countries of the world and their capital cities. He also knows every prime number up to 7,507. As well he tells that he … Continue reading

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Summary chapter 2

This is the first chapter of the book, because the chapter numbers are prime numbers. It`s shortly after midnight and Christopher our protagonist walks through  his street. In his neighbour`s garden he sees a murdered dog, sticking a garden fork … Continue reading

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my first impression

When I read the first pages of the book I was very excited about what it would be. The story is really strange at first because the leading character founds a murdered dog, sticking a garden fork in it. Christopher, … Continue reading

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