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Dialogue between Siobhan and Christopher’s father after chapter 157

Ed: Siobhan, I have to tell you something, Judy wrote several letters to Christopher. In   total there were 43 of them. Siobhan: OK. Ed: I never gave Christopher the letters. I thought it would be better for him, but … Continue reading

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The mood of the novel

The mood of the novel is mostly serious. He mentions early in the book, that it won’t be a funny book. Because of the childish language it is very easy to read. Also the novel is sometimes very sad, if … Continue reading

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Summary Chapter 103

In this chapter Christopher gets home from his walk with Mrs Alexander in the park. Rhodri was there, when he got home. In the evening Rhodri and Ed will drink beer and watch television. Then Rhodri asked Chris what 251 … Continue reading

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Summary Chapter 101

This chapter is about “The Monty Hall Problem”. In a magazine called Parade is a       column called “Ask Marilyn”. Marilyn vos Savant write this and you can send in mathematic questions for Marilyn. She is honored by “The Guinness Book … Continue reading

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“The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” – First impressions

Hi guys, we are rennstudent15 and rennstudent4 and today we started reading the novel “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” our first impressions are very good, because it’s funny and interesting in it’s own way. We already … Continue reading

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