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London is the capital city of England and has a population of 8.308.000 people. The metropolis has many universities, theatres and museums. One popular museum is the wax museum. In London there is also a Sherlock Holmes museum which would … Continue reading

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About the London Tube

Hi, I´ll analyze the London Tube for you. The London tube is a very big complex with over 400 kilometer (250 miles) rails and 270 stations. 55 percent from these 400 kilometers is above the ground. It was opened in … Continue reading

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Christopher’s home – Swindon

Christopher, his father and most of the other characters of the book live in Swindon. But what or where is Swindon actually? Swindon is a large town with a population of 185,609 thousand people. It’s quite smaller than, for example, … Continue reading

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