Christopher’s home – Swindon

Christopher, his father and most of the other characters of the book live in Swindon. But what or where is Swindon actually?

Swindon is a large town with a population of 185,609 thousand people. It’s quite smaller than, for example, London, but the town grows up very fast. Although there’s very much traffic in Swindon (by the way, Swindon is the town with the most traffic circles of the world),there are many fields and green spaces in the area around it, but not many forests. The nearest bigger city next to Swindon is Bristol.

In the book, Christopher’s school is also in Swindon, so there has to be a specific school for people with Asperger Sydrome or something like that. Also the town is very varied, because on the one hand, Swindon seems to be very calm and that’s for example in the part of the town where Christopher lives with his father. You don’t see many people there only sometimes some neighbours of Christopher. On the other hand, Swindon seems to be very busy, because when Christopher went to the train station, he said that everywhere were lots of people and much traffic. That’s in the city center of Swindon.

There’re different opinions about Swindon. Some people like the town, for example Christopher: He likes it, because you can see the stars at night and he can do his maths A level there. Other people don’t like the town, for example Ed Boone: One time he says, Swindon is the “arsehole” of the world and here’s a link of a blog from another person who doesn’t like Swindon:

Hopefully you know now what and where Swindon actually is!

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