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Summary chapter 179

In chapter 179, Christopher wakes up in the garden because he slept there this night. He was afraid of his dad so he decided to sleep outside behind the garden house. In the morning he thinks about where he should … Continue reading

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Summary chapter 7

In this chapter Christopher tells that Siobhan said that he should write about something he likes. He doesn`t like proper novels or something else so he wrote a murder mystery novel.  He explains that he wants to write about something … Continue reading

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Summary chapter 5

In this chapter the story of the dog goes on. Christopher pulls the fork out of the dog and hugs him. Then after a few minutes the owner Mrs Shears comes out of the house and screams, that he should … Continue reading

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Summary chapter 3

In this chapter our protagonist introduces himself. He`s called Christopher John Francis Boone and  he knows all countries of the world and their capital cities. He also knows every prime number up to 7,507. As well he tells that he … Continue reading

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Summary chapter 2

This is the first chapter of the book, because the chapter numbers are prime numbers. It`s shortly after midnight and Christopher our protagonist walks through  his street. In his neighbour`s garden he sees a murdered dog, sticking a garden fork … Continue reading

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Summary of Chapter 17

Chapter 17  is about that Christopher get´s into a policecar which bring´s him to the policestation because he attaced the policeman. And during the drive he explain that the galaxy is like a big disk and we see the Milky … Continue reading

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Summary of Chapter 19

In Chapther 19 Christopher tells the reader that he choice prime numbers as chapter numbers because he think that prime numbers are more logical  and that they are like a life because you could never worked it out than cardinal … Continue reading

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Summary of chapter 23

In chapter 23 Christopher arrived at the policestation and  he have to deplete all his pockets the only thing he was allowed to let it on was his watch because he always want to know exactly the time it is. … Continue reading

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Summary: Chapter 181

Hey guys, today i want to make a summary of the chapter 181 of our book. In this chapter the story doesn´t continue, but Christopher explains some points. He tells that he doesn´t like new places, because he hasn´t seen … Continue reading

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Summary Chapter 233

In chapter 233, the last and  longest chapter of the book, Christopher is already at his mother’s house. At the beginning they talk about how long he can stay . Roger, the boyfriend of his mum doesn’t want him to stay … Continue reading

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